Friday, March 6, 2009

Ouija Boards and Aliens?

Well it seems a weird mix since traditionally Ouija boards have been associated with spirits, demons, and other non-corporeal entities. However it seems that our Pleiadian buddy, IX-777 (Gotta love the number play there. 777 as opposed to 666...lucky number vs bad number. Speaking of which I was watching the Cartoon Network Show Ed, Edd, and Eddie today and in the background in this garage was a piece of tape that had "666 fil" written on it. Wonder what's up with that?) has a new post up with two other ones today none the less, about Ouija boards. Now he doesn't actually talk about contacting aliens with it, but just overall explains how the classic Ouija board or similar devices work. It did spark a memory about a story I read over a year ago about a group of people who did contact an alien using of all things a Ouija board. So for your reading pleasure I tracked down the story, although it's on a different page then the one I read it at originally, but it still is the same story:
Ouija Calling ET: Do you copy? Part 1 Each part has the link to the next at the bottom of the page.

Anyways now I'm off to go Google that 666 thing from that cartoon. I wonder if anyone caught onto that?

Update 1:55pm:

Ok, the episode of the cartoon was Flea Bitten Ed. I still have it on my DVR so I'll see if I can get a snapshot with my camera latter. Don't know why I'm making such a big deal about this other then the fact I find hidden messages and subliminal messages interesting, especially if they appear in childrens shows, or at least shows meant for children...anyways...sort of deviated from the entire point of this post...hmmm...maybe I should get a job working on childrens programming and throw in random Lovecraftian Elder God "Cthulhu Fhtagn" lunch boxes...ok...I'm leaving now before I break this post lol...

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Maggador IX-777 said...

777 you should research, as in Liber 777, not only by Crowley, but others. And the meaning will unfold.