Monday, October 25, 2010

It's been awhile

It's been way to long since I posted here last. Life has been busy since the birth of my daughter and well summer time doesn't make things any easier. The other problem is we only have one computer with internet access, and well, it's occupied a lot, and not by me.

Recently however I've been browsing the web a bit more, mainly for info on a news story out of Phoenix Arizona, that struck home with me...way to close to home. My cousin Sean (Those readers of mine in Arizona will probably know who I'm talking about.) passed away there last week and do to his job, he has been making headlines. And fortunately, although I was not able to attend his funeral with the rest of my family, I was able to at least see video and pictures from it do to the miracle of the web.

Anyways, not much has happened for me in the world of unexplained/esoterica recently. I'm still reading about, and actually sort of lurking in the background reading everyone else's blogs when I get a chance. I've also been diving into the ancient astronaut world (which seems to be my favorite esoteric subject) with Erich von Daniken's classic, Chariots of the Gods.

Well that's it for tonight, hopefully, it's not months from now until I post again. In the meantime, here is a sort little documentary I had e-mailed to me from someone at which looks like quite an interesting webpage, which I intend on exploring even more (hey a pun!). So for your viewing pleasure here is a link to UFO Baby where one of the sites founders returns to his home town of Roswell and investigates everyones favorite UFO crash. Quite good for it's length. Enjoy!

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Raptor Lewis said...

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, but, I am deeply and truly sorry for the death of your cousin. Take care and Peace, brother! ;D