About the author

I'm many things, a father, husband, philosopher, madman (of course we're all a little mad), a Dudeist Priest (official), artist, stardust, and whatever else I set my mind to. Many, sometimes crazy, ideas float around in my  head and I sometimes need to spit them out in writing or art. 

Spiritually (or religiously if you prefer) I'm most experienced in western views, but lean heavily towards the eastern since most of the western I feel is way off center. Same with politics...but politics are just silly I try to avoid them if at all possible. Philosophically I'm well philosophical...ultimately it all goes hand in hand. 

On the esoteric, paranormal, UFOs, and the like: weird shit happens and I like to research it, formulate ideas and what have you.  

As far as life, I have a wonderful wife, three kids, a chihuahua mix, and a horse...plus some assorted fish and a roommate with her own two kids. We all hail from the moist state of Oregon, about an hour drive from the coast. 

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