About the "Realm"

The name "Naveed's Realm" I came up with from a handle I used for video gaming, named after a song by the band Our Lady Peace called "Naveed". The name itself happens to be Arabic for "bearer of good news" or something along those lines.

When I started off years ago I intended this as a personal blog and intended to post stuff about life and my interests and whatever. After a short while it ballooned into my exploration into UFOs, ancient astronauts, and other fringe esoteric/paranormal subjects; interests I had maintained since childhood.

Over the two or so years of almost daily blog posts I slowed down a lot on it and it's pretty much at a crawl...no slug spee...practically not moving at all. Still, I occasionally post on something when I'm focused on something I feel I need to post about or when the occasional strange or weird thing happens in my life.

Resurrecting my semi-dormant blogging abilities is something I am still trying to do and intend to once I find my overall niche again. I feel it's since moved on (but not totally) from the esoteric subjects I focused on in the past and I want to delve into stuff on mysticism, religion, philosophy, and interrelated subjects. Just a matter of finding my groove in those subjects which I sense is close, but not quite ready to fully be released. Keep checking back for updates however because I will update...oh yes...I will update.

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