Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deceptivley Alive Artificial Strangeness from Outer Space

Artificial exploration of space is something mankind has been doing, essentially, from the moment we put our first satellites into orbit. Far safer and currently more effective then launching a living being into space, it will forever be a cornerstone of our journey into the final frontier. With this however comes the question, if we're doing it, what about other civilizations out there? This is precisely the subject explored in a paper published in the International Journal  of Astrobiology a couple months ago.

Titled "Slingshot Dynamics, for Self-Replicating Probes and the Effect on Exploration Timescales" it tackles the subject of extraterrestrial robots exploring the universe while using gravity from planets and stars to propel themselves. Voyager I and II, two of our own space probes, while not self replicating, did use the gravitational pull of objects in our solar system to propel themselves beyond it, so reasonably we could assume other civilizations might use the same technique. However this is merely our own human assumption based on our own limited technology, and I was thinking about the same concepts a few weeks before I read about the above paper, albeit assuming there was a more advanced form of traversing space.

Arthur C. Clarke proposed that a sufficiently advanced technology would appear to be like magic to those who haven't reached that level of technological know how. Would not artificial alien intelligence appear alive then? Take for instance our modern day UFO phenomenon. Countless people have seen objects they can't explain, objects that do things no living being would be able to survive if they we're piloting them. Artificial alien intelligence's however could do them without trouble and assume a variety of unusual forms (especially if utilizing nanotechnologies), from simple flying probes to advanced androids capable of appearing alive.

This hypothesis I think can explain many of the eccentricities of UFOs and associated phenomenons. Bizarre, erratic, impossible flight patterns? Artificial alien intelligence. Strange, emotionless beings taking people in the night for what appears to be biological study? Artificial alien android intelligence. Heck even the more human looking aliens, such as the Nordics, could be nothing more then computer generated holograms running programs designed to communicate with us after careful study of our species.

I won't say definitively that this is what is happening or that it explains all UFO sightings, because the reality is that it could be anything, or a mix of biological e.t.'s and artificial, but perhaps it should be explored more people within the UFO field. Not to mention it would appear to be magic, or at least deceptively "alive" and way more advanced.

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 3rd UFO in Forest Grove, OR

August is Perseids Meteor Shower month and being fans of this, my wife and I while camping out in our backyard with our kids, niece, and nephew, kept an eye on the night sky. Being August 3rd it wasn't the peak of the event, but pretty close so we occasionally would catch a glimpse of one of the Perseids. Hiding amongst the shooting stars and the non-shooting one were also the occasional satellite and plane. Satellites and planes are always easy to tell apart because satellites have no blinking lights and planes do and may also be accompanied by noise.

We had seen several satellites and planes by the time the event occurred. My wife had asked me if something was a satellite then immediately said "Looks like a beam just came out of it." Promptly I turned around to see what she was talking about. What I saw resembled a high level plane or satellite, and I figured it was the later because there wasn't a normal blinking light of a plane. I followed it visually to the northwest and was about to dismiss the beam my wife saw as nothing but some fluke when suddenly it flared up a brilliant white/blue in color. It was so bright that I almost thought it had turned towards us, but it faded back to the same faintness as before as it continued on the same trajectory it had been on. Once more it repeated the flare up, but not quite as bright (probably because it was slightly farther away) and I began to walk toward the front of my house which faces roughly north, trying to keep a visual on it. As it neared the limit of my view from the front yard it did the flare up once again and then disappeared from my sight. 

There was no noise accompanying the object, it never wavered from it's course, and there was no regular time between the flare ups. Any lingering thought of it being a satellite I've wiped from my mind, and I have no doubt that it was not a plane. Closest thing that I'm able to compare it with is the way I've seen some meteors flare up in video footage, but this was moving way to slow to be one, and had no trail coming off of it. 

Immediately after the sighting I reported it to the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON for short, in the hope that someone else might find our sighting in their database that may have seen what we saw. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ghost child in the hallway

Trying to get back into blogging regularly is hard after having slowed down so much. It drives me insane because I want to get back into it so badly, but I have a hard time trying to get going again. As I type this I have several blog posts just waiting to be finished and published sitting on my hard drive, but I digress.

My main reason for writing this post is not to complain about my over abundance of blogging procrastination, but to share a tale of otherworldly proportions that happened roughly two weeks ago.

Our two story apartment, which is more town home than apartment, has a fairly large landing/hallway section upstairs. It's roughly 6x8 feet or within a foot or two of that and has three bedrooms and a bathroom on that floor.

On that night about midnight I woke up to my youngest daughter crying, so I got up and went into her room which is directly across the hall from mine, calm her down, close her door, and head back to my room. As I started to lay down I clearly saw a child about my sons height (3 1/2 to 4 ft) run from where my sons room is to the bathroom. Sitting up in bed I expected to see the bathroom light turn on and to hear my son using the facilities, neither of which happen and so I sat there perplexed for a second then proceeded to get up to check on him.

As I walked into the hallway I noticed that both my son's and daughters' doors are closed. Turning the light on in the bathroom and checking behind the shower curtain revealed no on in there. Upon checking both the my son's and daughters' rooms I find all three sound asleep.

Fearing a possible break in I decide to check downstairs where I find everything secure, with no intruders. At that point my wife and I are a bit freaked, but not horribly so. We've had other weird experiences here in our apartment which was built around 1979. While we don't think it is truly haunted we on occasion have heard sounds and seen other things that have no explanation. Usually we pass them off as typical apartment noises, thin walls and what not, but when you hear someone running down the stairs and see them run into your kitchen only to find nobody there, something strange is going on, but what exactly remains a mystery.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My guest blog post is up!

A week or so ago I mentioned that I had done a guest blog post for the author Renee Pawlish. Today when I checked my e-mail I found that she had published my guest post over at her blog. So head on over there and check it out!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We are your Gods!

Stephen Hawking, the famous cosmologist, astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and other things ending in ist, has been noted as saying, "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans," meaning that the history of an advanced civilization meeting a less advanced one isn't pretty. The civilization on the lesser end of things might face anything from being taken advantage of to being nearly wiped out for the sake of “progress” of more advanced one. This very scenario has been played out time and time again throughout history and been explored more times then one can count in film. Today I found myself thinking about this very subject and also the fact that some scientists think it would be a bad idea for us to send signals into the black void we call space, all for the very reasons above.

The fact is, unfortunately we've already unintentionally been advertising our presence since the creation of the radio. While it might not be the biggest billboard in the world, we send all sorts of signals besides radio into space that increase it's size significantly. Advanced intelligences from other worlds could be listening to our music, monitoring our communications, or even watching our television shows. It was this that got me to wondering, could they be watching our programs on “them”, whether it be science fiction like Star Trek or documentaries like the History Channel's Ancient Aliens? In the case of the later, could that show or others on ancient astronaut theory be used to their advantage if they happened to harbor some not so friendly intentions? What better way to gain the favor of an unassuming, less advanced species then to come down claiming to be their gods of old despite the fact they aren't? We're essentially giving them a prepackaged cover story.

Perhaps I'm thinking to much into it, then again perhaps I'm not. We could for all we know been unintentionally shooting ourselves in the foot all those signals we unintentionally send into deep space. Blaming ourselves however is really worthless, after all, we have no reason to even assume that that's the case, and from what I know of the UFO phenomenon, things in the end are probably a lot more complicated then we may truly know. However before future scientists decide to fire up a new fangled super strength communication method, perhaps they need to stop and ask what might happen if it works to well.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wandering the fields of my thoughts

Many of you I am sure are beginning to think that I've vanished off the face of the Earth, like Mulder in at the end of season 7 of the X-files. Thankfully for all of you I have not and still intend to get around to blogging regularly here like I used to.

Anyways, 2012 is now here, which is in a way weird, yet not at the same time, despite the rumors of the end being nigh. We managed to survive two end of the world prophecies last year, so I have high hopes for us currently, but we still have to wait until December 21 for anything fun to possibly happen. I don't know about any of you, but I plan on going on a disaster and alien invasion movie binge that day, assuming that we're not all dead.

I was asked awhile back to write a guest blog post for one Renee Pawlish (her blog), an author of mystery and horror who wrote a book recently called Nephilim Genesis of Evil. The story revolves around a man's quest for answers after an encounter with the Nephilim, which lead him to a small Colorado town. From what I read from the sample chapter I got off Amazon, I was drawn instantly into the story (I intend on purchasing the full version when I finally buy a Kindle in the next couple weeks), which has a more classical supernatural variation of Nephilim. When asked to write the post for her, we decided I should focus on the more alien perspective that seems to be predominant in today's esoteric circles. So I highly recommend checking out her stories, and also keep an eye on her blog for when she publishes my guest post.

As far as UFOs are concerned, I'm still watching the skies and wandering the blogs and websites (many of which are listed here) just not as often as I did when I first started actively blogging. I burned myself out a bit I think, because I blogged so much (daily, sometimes twice or thrice) for nearly a year and a half to two years, the primary reason I think I've been such procrastinator on posting. With luck however, I should be back up and posting a bit more very soon. I know it seems like a promise I've been making every few months, but this time I actually have some posts I've been working on the last two months awaiting completion on my computer.

Last, but not least, I've been doing a bunch of space art lately, which is up at my DeviantArt gallery (space subsection), so check it out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ancient Astronauts and the Tao

Readers of my blog probably know by now that I have a fascination with ancient astronaut theory, the idea that aliens had some sort of influence in humanity's past. Theories range anywhere from aliens creating us to them merely intervening and influencing our civilization through the ages. Evidence supporting these theories is said to exist in many places, from ancient ruins, artifacts, bizarre hieroglyphics and images, and religious texts (i.e. the Bible and the Vedas ). It was while reading one of these texts, the Complete Works of Chuang Tzu (info on the person) a Taoist master, that I found something that may have been overlooked by ancient astronaut theorists.

In the first section of his works called "Free and easy wandering" there is a section where the character Chen Wu tells another character:

Ordinarily a person probably would have written this off as highly imaginative fiction, however I find it quite interesting. First off is the description of the Holy Man, "...with skin like ice or snow, and gentle and shy..." which bears in my opinion a similarity to the classic gray aliens, minus the large black eyes aspect. Then we come to the fact that, he doesn't eat normal food, and rides a dragon which could be an aircraft of some kind, described in terms familiar to the ancient Chinese. Finally we have the possibility of highly advanced or evolved mental powers in the "...concentrating his spirit..." portion. Overall it screams ancient alien to me.

There is also the possibility that it could even be connected to the Dropa stones story, where a supposed race of alien beings landed near the Chinese-Tibetan border and were unable to leave due to some sort of misfortune. After realizing their predicament, they settled in a system of caves and tried to fit in the natives of the region only to have been all, but wiped out by them. In the end they left behind hundreds of stone discs that show signs of advanced engineering.

All this is of course conjecture, but I feel the account in Chuang Tzu's writings make for compelling evidence of possible alien contact in ancient China and perhaps lends more credence to the Dropa story. Maybe the "Holy Man" is even a Dropa?


Monday, October 25, 2010

It's been awhile

It's been way to long since I posted here last. Life has been busy since the birth of my daughter and well summer time doesn't make things any easier. The other problem is we only have one computer with internet access, and well, it's occupied a lot, and not by me.

Recently however I've been browsing the web a bit more, mainly for info on a news story out of Phoenix Arizona, that struck home with me...way to close to home. My cousin Sean (Those readers of mine in Arizona will probably know who I'm talking about.) passed away there last week and do to his job, he has been making headlines. And fortunately, although I was not able to attend his funeral with the rest of my family, I was able to at least see video and pictures from it do to the miracle of the web.

Anyways, not much has happened for me in the world of unexplained/esoterica recently. I'm still reading about, and actually sort of lurking in the background reading everyone else's blogs when I get a chance. I've also been diving into the ancient astronaut world (which seems to be my favorite esoteric subject) with Erich von Daniken's classic, Chariots of the Gods.

Well that's it for tonight, hopefully, it's not months from now until I post again. In the meantime, here is a sort little documentary I had e-mailed to me from someone at which looks like quite an interesting webpage, which I intend on exploring even more (hey a pun!). So for your viewing pleasure here is a link to UFO Baby where one of the sites founders returns to his home town of Roswell and investigates everyones favorite UFO crash. Quite good for it's length. Enjoy!