Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two gnomes are better then one

My gnomes

Garden gnomes are one of my bad habits. I collect them, at least slowly. I currently have 5 that I have collected over the last couple years, but I have to say I like them a lot. Every time I go somewhere that just might have gnomes, I go on a search for them to see if I can get in one at a good deal. Usually they end up being on clearance or small sized ones, but that works fine for me since I don't have much room to decorate my desk with the larger ones.

One of the first things that comes to my mind when I look at my small, but growing collection is obviously the tales of Icelandic elves and hidden folk tales or the infamous "Argentina gnome" videos.

Having already discussed those rather tired subjects, I figured I'd share and interesting thing I heard from a former coworker. This also isn't one of those traveling gnome stories (from Travelocity got the concept for their Roaming Gnome) and it doesn't have anything to do with garden gnome liberationists. In fact it's more of a question about whether what my coworker said has any basis or not. As far as I can tell by what he said, it is technically an urban legend, either way it fits quite well here, so here we go.

Let's say you own only one garden gnome and well, you decide it's lonely and needs a friend, so you go out and purchase it one. You get home, introduce the two fluffy bearded friends, and go about your business. That night you hear weird noises in your garden or wherever you keep your gnomes. The next day you awake to find things out of place or even trashed. You figure your cat did and ignore it, but then happens again and again in the same area the gnomes reside. Deciding to catch the cat in action you place a camera the area so the culprit can be caught on film.

The next morning things are in disarray like always and you load up the video and watch it. What you see shocks you. Your two garden gnomes appear to come to life and mischievously fool around right before your eyes. Afraid due to the sheer strangeness of it all you dispose of your gnomes and life resumes it's normal course.

My coworker never actually had this happen and I've never found any reports of this happening before. He swore up and down though that if you place two garden gnome figures together that they would come to life at night and cause mischief. Whether he was pulling my leg or simply passing down an urban legend I don't know, but the idea is certainly interesting. Doesn't surprise me that he associated it with gnomes either; after all they are creatures of myth and not just lawn or desk ornaments.

What do you think, is it an urban legend? Or was he simply assuming I'm gullible enough to believe something he made up?


Jeff said...

Well...I don't think I've ever heard anyone make that claim before. He's probably just pulling your leg or very gullible himself. Hard to believe he would be serious about it...but then again, I don't know the guy.

Boomer Pie said...

I just signed up to follow your quirky blog. I love it. As for the gnomes...when you wake up one morning and they have multiplied like rabbits...then start to worry. Stop by my place if you're hungry for pie.

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Jessica Penot said...

I always thought travelocity go their idea from Amelie. French film with a young woman who tortures her father by stealing his garden gnome and then sending him pictures of gnome in various exotic locations.