Friday, January 30, 2009

Hidden Bases in My Locale...Oregon!

Secret bases, such as the most infamous Area 51, have been part of the UFO and conspiracy world for ages now. Aside from the mentioned, there a few others that are almost household names for anyone familiar with UFOs, such as Dulce base in New Mexico or Camp Hero (not quite secret and home of the Montauk Project, which I know almost zip about) in New York. There are rumored to be many more across the US and the rest of the world, so just for the heck of it, I looked up some rumored to be in my state. I didn't find to many results, but enough that it's sparked my interest more. If I knew who to ask, I'd be digging around for more info, maybe try my hand at free lance journalism, and who knows possibly find a little bit of the truth.

So here we go, the first base in Oregon that I found is located around the Lincoln City area (on the gorgeous Oregon Coast) in the Van Duzer Corridor. There people have seen everything from weird lights to army bases somewhere in the woods. One couple apparently even had some missing time out in that area, which tends to be a good sign of alien abduction.

Not surprisingly that is about the only base in Oregon I can dig much up on. That doesn't mean that there aren't others though. One of Oregon's most recognizable landmarks, Crater Lake, is said to be home to underground tunnels that link up to Cave Junction (apparently there are at least 36 old mine shafts there) Oregon, in an underground UFO base.

Other then that, Wilmer, Oregon, and Klamath Falls, Oregon are rumored to have some UFO or secret base connections. At least to an extant, Wilmer for sure does because it apparently has some underground chemical storage out that way.

So the official Naveed's Realm tally for the number of UFO or hidden military bases in Oregon is 6! I think at least. I guess you could consider the Crater Lake and Cave Junction part one base if you wanted since they apparently connect, but that would make the tally go down...and that's just not very fun...or cool...not to mention there is enough shrink going on in the current world economy, so let's just leave the tally high shall we?

Sources and further reading:
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Regan Lee said...

Naveed, this is the weirdest bit of synchronicity! For the past couple of days, I've been thinking quite about UFO sightings, as well as the Reeves case, in Newport back in the 1960s. A lot of weirdness and high strangeness.

Every time I think about that case, and some of the UFO sightings there at that time, my mind goes to some kind of military possibly naval top secret stuff ... and that got me wondering about secret facilities, even underground, in that area. I have family that lives there, and I'm in Eugene, but never heard of anything like that. Still, my mind keeps going there. And then I find your post!

Naveed said...

Weird...synchronicity is an interesting thing. I really should look more into it, because it happens to me a lot, mainly with my job, but it happens enough that I've noticed it.

Also your thought about Naval stuff, got me wondering and I just did a search for Naval activity in or near Newport, found nothing, but that doesn't mean they weren't in the area at the time of the Reeves case. I'm pretty sure the Navy is better at covering up their activity then the Air Force as well, at least since the Philadelphia Experiment.

nolocontendere said...

I just moved down to AZ after living in the Corvallis vicinity for 33 years.
When living in the coast range 25 miles from Newport I was driven crazy by a hum. It came and went but was mostly there, even keeping me awake at night. I supposed it was an underground facility out there with some sort of directionless electromagnetic field of some sort.

Raptor Lewis said...

Hmmm....interesting...could be more bases, alright. However, remember that those are RUMORS!! I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet. Why not? There have been 8 YEARS of rumors about Jurassic Park IV and it turns out Universal isn't filming it. The rumors about that started back in 2001 after Jurassic Park III was released.

Regan Lee said...

Hi Naveed, see my current post at Orange Orb. :)

robert said...

I attended a Jeff Dunham show last night, at which he told of an interesting event a few weeks earlier. He was on a private jet flying to Corvalis,Or when the plane was diverted to Klamath Falls airport due to fog at Corvallis. When they arrived there after 1-am the tower was closed so they made an unassisted landing. Being unfamiliar with the airport, the pilot was wandering around the taxiways, unsure where to park, and finally stopped beside a dark hangar.

This behavior caught someone's attention because within a minute or two the plane was surrounded by several HumVees with spotlights trained upon it, and a voice on PA directing the passengers and crew to come out one at a time with hands above their heads.

As they deplaned they saw there was also a group of soldiers with automatic weapons aimed at them. They were released when their identity and the reason for them being there was established, but it seems they had entered a sensitive and restricted area of the airport. Any idea what's going on there?

Anonymous said...

I live in Klamath.......

the airport he landed at is small part civillian and the rest is a air force fighter pilot training base. Hence the Humvee's.......

Authentic Psychic Readings said...

I am just uniquely fascinated about these cases. There should be a logical explanation why so many people claim such events, if not, then why would people take the trouble of doing so?

Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah.... I live 5 minutes from Kingsley Field Air Base and I've spent many hours there watching the F-15 fighter jets. I've also done extensive research into what is really there. I can tell you for certainty, that there is an underground base below Kingsley and also a maglev station there. Btw, ALL underground bases and underground tunnels link to each other. Where do you think the trillions of debt came from. Did you all actually think the money was missing?

Anonymous said...

There is actually a hidden army base somewhere along the Clackamas River outside of Molalla, Oregon. I have witnessed jets flying very low above the tree lines over my house. I have not gone in search for this yet however as soon as the rainy season is over I am thinking about going on the search for it.

Shelley said...

I live in Wa.state&I know we have underground bases here,just not sure where exactly<3

Lyal Shoff said...

Thanks for providing this site! I had always wondered if we had any out here..I had heard that there was something down around Myrtle Point in that vicinity.

This one is interesting because i grew up just East of Van Duzer corridor. I hunted there, picked mushrooms (edible, not psilocybes...) there, and have prowled around all over those hills. I have in no way been everywhere, but I would like to know if you could narrow it down a bit as to where in the Corridor this might be located? How far west of Grand Ronde??

As an additional bit of information, last time I went through, I noticed that a lot of timber property that a person used to be able to just go through to have fun, hike, target shoot or whatever had barred gates. So vehicular traffic is at least reduced to certain times...So there may be something to that as a cover.


GLaDOS said...

I live here in Molalla, Oregon.

Recently, several Blackhawks, and 6 F-18s, and some Apaches flying from the local hills.

Unknown said...

Weird! I hear Really weird jet noises but they are weird and sound like an alien spaceship have heard them often enough at night for years out here in Molalla and I always thought it was a strange echo. But just now I was putting it together and people out here I've heard talking of a secret base upriver and I've seen military vehicles on the road up there... really weird! Apparently Nicola tesla had something out here back in the day but I just read that on internet a few mins ago

Anonymous said...

okay you wanted to know i will set you on a trail that will lead you as far as your fear will let you go.
start with this "black rock" oregon. its just west of falls city, oregon and east of lincoln city about 60 miles. falls city is a forgotten timber town pop:900 or so only one paved rd in to it. black rock itself is a ghost town now with just some foundations in the woods north of the following gate along the river. if you follow black rock rd you will come to a stage 3 military bomb resistant gate that is at the head a bridge. the canyon is to deep to cross but if you can get past the gate then the trip begins, go at night if you wanna see anything strange, go during day to be safe,
the known facts that can be checked are: it is documented and on most maps from the 80s and earlier, known as laurel mt radar facility it is at the end of black rock rd. it a huge mountain base and its radar dishes and globe shape structures can just barely be seen on a clear day from dallas and the surrounding valley. i know that it is part of NORAD, and the "north amercan defense command" oh and yes its south of the van duzer corridor in what is called the "stottam forest management area and lyes within a circular boundary as follows: start in grande ronde oregon, go west on 18 thru van duzer corridor to lincoln city then south to newport on 101 then east on hwy22 to kings valley hwy turn left then to dallas and back to grande ronde. everything inside that circular area is open to scrutiny, look on a map and see for yourself. have fun and dont go alone.
beware if you get to the third gate then live men in black trucks will stop you and at that point signs are posted "us govt installation, use of deadly force authorized!" you can try to enter from any of this circular boundary but will find it gate very secure. its to far in to hike and you will be seen sooner or later anyway so i suggest if you want to really make it to the last boundary take a very very very fast dirtbike and be prepared to outrun 4x4 pickups. we have never been caught or fired upon but men in black suits have been asking around lincoln city and surrounding citys about who we are. thats all im gonna say. look at a map and see for yourself. this is the oregon area 51 and we have more activity then anyone. people in this area dont say much so dont ask, oh and one very important note. if you bring a cel phone it wont work in falls city or the surrounding mountains unless your carrier is verizon, no joke, as soon as you enter the city limits no other phone carrier is able to get a signal here but verizon signal is perfect. strange?

jenuhful said...

My grandma moved to cave junction in the 70s. She said when they first got here there was a heavy military presence. They were working way up the mountain around 8 dollar.

I've heard from a few people that would go hunting way way up that mountain and then confronted by soldiers with big guns. They said they were escorted out of the area and told to never come back. They are all dead now (only due to old age), but my grandma seems to have a clear memory of stuff like this happening.

I know if you google search for bases in cave junction it comes up with hope mountain in takilma as the location. We see ufos frequently from our house. My mom said that she saw a circular ufo traveling right over one of their fields VERY slowly. We hear really really loud jets that shake our house all hours of the night and day, but we can never see them.

If anyone has any information you can lead me to please let me know. My curiousity is a constant nuisance!

Also, I grew up in the mountains. My brothers and I would often go 20 or more miles up and just start exploring/hunting. We don't anymore. There is just a weird vibe, we don't feel comfortable up there anymore like we did when we were kids. We have found some pretty strange structures. Once we came up on a complete concrete foundation and a bunch of mattresses. We had to basically scale a cliff for a half hour to get there, and could never understand how anyone would be able to get all the concrete up there. And why so many beds?

There are also a ton of HUGE holes dug, with nothing in them. We don't find much to suggest human activity around the holes, but they certainly aren't natural. And where does the dirt go that has been moved? They go down sometimes are far as 15 ft. And seem to serve absolutely no purpose. I can't picture even a few men with shovels digging that far. I always thought maybe they were looking for gold, but it isn't near any water? I'm not well versed on mining, maybe they know something I don't.

There were something like 100,000 Chinese immigrants here (seriously right behind my house) and you can find all kinds of weird stuff that I'm guessing they left behind.

GioArmani said...

I'm trying to find more information on Klamath Falls and what I should be looking for. All I find is sites saying it's a underground base etc. but no location or anything else. Can anyone give me more info? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dont know if anyone still reads this stuff or not, I just came across it looking for anything on the sightings near Pioneer Mountain, around Newport Oregon. Curious because I live on Pioneer Mnt. But while the subject is about secret underground bases I am sure there is one near Redmond Oregon, under Cline butte. Had a freiend that lived out there and reports of military type trucks going in and out of the area for a few months several years ago. Also men in black weapons lurking in the trees if anyone were wandering around in the area. Large radio tower sits on top of the butte and many locals are convinced that it sends out strange signals. Of what nature I dont know, my friends didnt like to talk about it much. But I had a few strange experiences on the hill while out with the 4x4. You certainly dont want to get off the beaten path out there at all. Also, locals seem to think the base if linked to something hidden in Powel Butte about 30 miles from Cline butte. Alot of strange things happen there too. Including large amounts of mercury in the soil that cant be explained, and no one will talk about.