Friday, March 27, 2009

Aliens and God

Aliens and God, according to some people, don't mix. In fact one of the main reasons some people think the government would cover up the existence of E.T. is because it would make for a lot of pissed off religious folk, particularly amongst those of the Judeo-Christian persuasions. All this talk about aliens not mixing well with traditional religion is actually rather unfounded however.

Sure there are many traditional Christians that do not believe in such things, but it never states in the Bible, or as far as I know any other religious text, that aliens would not exist. In fact approaching if from a Judeo-Christian perspective, Genesis 1:1 almost supports the existence of aliens, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth." See? God created the heavens, meaning the sky, space, and whatever lies beyond space, so therefore any aliens that exist were created by God (last I knew Satan could not create life, being as I don't follow organized religion though, I could be wrong.)if you accept Christianity.

Keep in mind that's just an interpretation, but logical none the less. I wish I had knowledge of other religions so I could build this up a bit stronger, but alas I was raised as nothing more then a mere simple Christian, who has jumped all through it's many denominations only to come out believing in God, but not any particular religion, sect, branch, cult, or whatever.

Seeing as this is a topic about God and aliens, I could go into the weird mixtures of Christianity, UFOlogy, and UFO cults and stuff out there, but that's a completely different ball game. Not to mention confusing, strange, and rather funny at times. So that's a topic for another time...and I think I'll touch upon this one again and get into more detail (I'm also doing this right before I go to bed, so I'm rather tired and only putting half the effort into this. What can I say, I'm an honest blogger.) after doing some more research. Maybe I'll even get around to reading some of that Bible thing and throw some more verses in here to back up what I've already said. Alright, I'm spent...g'night folks.

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