Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Follow Up on Last Post

I've been researching a lot into Oregon folklore and stuff this week to find some local Fortean phenomenon to post about here. In the process of my research I came across this page with some details I didn't find before on the Neahkahnie Mountain treasure.

Oregon Haunted Hotspots
- Apparently they were pirates...well if the sources are accurate...Scroll down the page to Lincoln County.

Other then that, expect a new post sometime today after I've done some more research for it.

Update 7:27pm:

Well, no new post today. Finding a lack of data on what I was going to post about, so I'm gonna expand on the posts content. Tomorrow it'll be up for sure, so stay tuned!


Gee said...

Pirates? Ghosts? More?

Can't wait.

Raptor Lewis said...

Ooookayyy....I think I liked the original template better. The "minima black" fit the theme more.

Anonymous said...

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