Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thought: What if they did find something?

Television today is full of shows themed around the unexplained. Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, UFO Hunters, Mysteryquest, and Monsterquest and countless other series and specials. With all these shows out there though, one is bound to eventually come across what they are searching for, but that would then leave one big question: what would they do if they did find something?

Ghost shows probably wouldn't have to do much, most people will probably pass off any ghosts as tricks or CGI, except for the people who were actually there. What about physical things like crashed UFOs or a cryptid though? Most teams on TV from what I can tell aren't equipped to capture animals or bring back large pieces debris. There is also an inherent element of risk, especially with potentially dangerous cryptids like some of the ones Destination Truth goes after. All it takes is getting to close to a angry Sasquatch, and BAM! lights out for a crewman and most likely goodbye show.

Assuming that a team somehow does get the evidence of a lifetime, I'm pretty sure the producers of the show would have no problem handling the media bandwagon that would follow. After all, that is their primary job to begin with. The best part is that it probably wouldn't turn out like the Bigfoot costume in a freezer guys.


Interstellar Housewife said...

I don't have an answer, but Lord, their candid expressions aloe would be priceless.

Jeff said...

I've often wondered the exact same thing. It may depend on the show too. Depending on what they find and how clear and profound it is, they may release the information early in a press release. Or they may just air the episode early as a special. You can almost be sure they'd hold back on releasing too much information ahead of time though; they wouldn't want CNN and FOX cutting in on their ratings. But if they captured bigfoot or found UFO wreckage with an unconscious alien in it, it would be a disservice to everyone to keep it a secret until the next season (and probably hard to keep it a secret too).

I think you're right about the ghost hunting shows, it's unlikely they are going to find something too impressive anyways.

Raptor Lewis said...

What are the chances they DO find something? 1 in Billions, perhaps trillions (Individual organisms, and NOT taxa, because, though there are more than 90% of all taxa on Earth are now extinct and have now contributed to evolution in some way, there haven't been THAT many!)?

And, even if they THOUGHT they did, like Josh Gates of Destination Truth has discovered, the "sightings" are just bizarre views of local taxa

Overall, it's an interesting thought, and something I can't help but consider when watching these shows.