Monday, November 3, 2008

Kelly-Hopkinsville Kentucky 1955…NO WAIT DON’T SHOOT!

August 21, 1955 in Kelly-Hopkinsville Kentucky, one of the strangest events in UFO history occurred.

That evening around 7pm at the Sutton family’s farm, Taylor Sutton headed out to get some water from their well. When he came back inside he rambled on to his family and their visiting friend about how he saw a flying saucer land outside. No one believed him at first, but that all changed around 8 o’clock when the family dog started barking.

When Elmer “Lucky” Sutton and his friend Billy Ray Taylor went out to see what the commotion was they were greeted by a strange site. A creature standing about three and a half feet tall, in a silver metallic suit, with big pointed ears, glowing eyes, and clawed hands came out of the trees with it’s hands raised.

Now instead of assuming that this was a sign of peaceful intentions Lucky and Billy Ray did what any “good old country boys” would do and pulled their guns on the strange critter and shot it. This caused the creature to flip over and run back into the woods.
As they went to go follow it and see what it was, another creature reached down from the roof grabbing at them. They shot at this one as well and knocked him off the roof.

Retreating back into the house, they soon saw another creature peering in through a window. Again they shot, and things went on like this until about 11pm when they finally made a dash for their cars and went to the police.

In the end both the local police, the Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigated it. No evidence, other then bullet holes in their house was found. No dead creatures or signs of blood loss.

Both the Suttons and Billy Ray Taylor were deemed credible witnesses because no sign of alcohol or drug use was found. Although some people still insisted that they had moonshine that night.

The only possible reasons given for what the Suttons and their friend saw that night are rather lousy as well. Both of them are cases of mistaken animal identity, but don’t really fit the behavior of the aliens.

The first theory is that of an escaped circus chimp in a silver suit and the other is that perhaps they saw some great horned owls. Unfortunately, both these theories are shot down by the simple fact that, both these animals bleed and would leave bodies if shot dead.

Interestingly no one else has reported aliens matching the description of those that the Suttons saw. I wonder if perhaps they were scouts attempting to make peaceful contact, but unfortunately landed in a “shoot first, ask questions later" part of the world and deemed us to be a hostile species or perhaps to primitive. Let’s just hope that if it was a first contact event, they might possibly try again one day.

Also I wonder if this event helped inspire M. Night Shyamalan when he came up with his idea for Signs.

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Raptor Lewis said...

It it was a living creature or "Alien," it would still bleed. Unless, their suits were bullet proof. Poor Aliens. I don't doubt there are aliens in the universe. I do, however, think there is a logical explanation for what happened. If it was an alien species, I htink this proves we're not ready to meet them yet. We're evolved, yes, but have not learned how to master our full potential. We have the potential to do very evil things and we also have the potential to do very good things. All I know is, God created us to evolve for a reason unkown to us. We are not ready for the truth out there. It's the same for other animals. Point is, good post.

Naveed said...

Thanks for the comment Raptor.

Concerning the blood; it was mentioned in my sources that when they shot at some of them they heard metallic clangs, sorta like a ricochet. So by the sounds of it, they were had armor. However this still remains one of the most bizarre and unsolved cases of UFOlogy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately... These were simply chimpanzees, (hence the long arms, short legs, three foot stature, wading through water with hands up in air walking style) from a nearby circus (the mysterious lights) the richochete sound was the buckshot hitting walls, barrels, and other surounding objects. (But at close range!? Point blank/20 feet, They couldnt have missed!!) They were scared witless... They missed. The chimps then flipped over (as chimps do) and fled on all fours into the woods.... Honestly I am surprised no one else finds this simply obvious. Problem is, people -want- mystery. They dont want the truth. They want to believe in aliens and unknowns.