Monday, December 1, 2008

Green skinned women and other strangeness of the Hollow Earth

So you know that story, by that guy, where they go into that hole in the ground and like go to the Earth’s core or something? You know, Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth? Well if you don’t, I pretty much gave away the gist of the story there, although I didn’t mention that they find dinosaurs and an entire human civilization there. Long story short, the Earth is hollow in Verne’s classic story and believe it or not, some believe till this day that it really is hollow. That’s right some people really believe the Earth is hollow. In general there are about two different Hollow Earth theories. One of them states that the Earth is riddled with massive inter connected caverns, but for this post I’m going to focus on the more entertaining version; one where the Earth is fully hollow and contains an inner sun that helps sustain civilizations on the inner side of the crust.

What is that? It’s crazy? Well maybe, but that’s all a matter of opinion. Crazy or not however, the Hollow Earth theory makes for some fun reading. There are some aspects of it that are just as imagined as any fantasy world (Note: subterranean civilizations can be common in fantasy and sci-fi) created by authors over the last century or so. Also, what’s not entertaining about a theory that the Earth is hollow and filled with either, green skinned women, Nazis, reptoids, aliens, ape men, prehistoric throwbacks, lost civilizations or variations there of? It’s just simply fun. It’s like reading the pulp fiction stories of old, but with the very slim chances that some of it might be real.

Seeing as there is a wealth of concepts and theories surrounding the Hollow Earth theories, I'm really only going to stick with a couple of the most common beliefs and theories surrounding it.

First off we have the connection to the famous explorer Admiral Byrd. Supposedly he wrote a diary during his expeditions to the Antarctic in which it is claimed that he went to the so called Hollow Earth. This theory is only really toted by author and publicist Raymond W. Bernard, although some people still follow it today. Raymond apparently took so fully to the Hollow Earth theory however, that it killed him (At least he died doing something he enjoyed, always a plus!) while searching for entrances to it in South America. He was also one of the first people to claim that UFOs come from the world below.

Next we have the Nazi connection, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; those pesky Nazis seem to have been into everything. Anyways, as theory goes, the Germans had discovered an entrance to the Hollow Earth in Antarctic waters, which they promptly escaped to at the end of WWII, with or with out Hitler. According to some groups they live on there till this day plotting to take over the world. Although I believe they probably went there for the green women. After all, Nazis have to have fun too and of course after a loss like theirs, they were probably in need of something to lighten the mood.

For the last bit, I bring in the reptoids. Yep, them scaly buggers from one of my earlier posts, who are also purported to live in the Earth’s hollows, whether it’s the fully hollow version, or the large cavern pocketed one. The main theory here is that they are either dinosaur descendants that survived in subterranean dwellings or they came from space. In the end they pretty control everything on Earth through various means, but dwell mainly below ground. Whatever though, it’s just more strangeness to add to the Hollow Earth theories floating around and is no more probable then the Nazis frolicking with Admiral Byrd and them delightful green skinned women. Oh, and don’t bother asking me anything about the green skinned women, I can’t remember how in the world they’re involved in this Hollow Earth shindig. There’s not much info on that bit, but hey, they make great comedic material don’t they?

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Gee said...

Excellent post. This is, believe it or not, the first time I've heard of "hollow earth" theories.

And "Journey" is one of my fave pieces of fiction of all time.

Top notch stuff.

Naveed said...

Glad I could expand your horizons with the brilliantly insane theory of the Hollow Earth! :D

Anonymous said...

You are such a flake. lol
I love your website.

Anonymous said...

For more information regarding the Hollow Earth theory, go to

pdr said...

If you really want to see "evidence" of this theory, check out

It will change how you see planets forever!

riley said...

Nice picture of the earth. but if the earth looks like an egg, I want mine sunny side up, not sunny side in.

Anonymous said...

The article failed to mention the green-skin brother and sister who emerged from a cave at Woolpit, England during the anarchy of the 1100's and claimed to be from "St. Martin's Land". They are mentioned in two chronicles of the time. i think this incident is relevant to the discussion. -JTT

JTT said...

The article didn't mention the green-skinned brother and sister (children) who supposedly emerged from a cave at Woolpit, England during the anarchy of the 1100s. They are mentioned in two moastic chronicles of the times and are relevant to the subject in my opinion. -JTT

Naveed said...

Wow, I'm surprised by the massive response to this post. Thanks everyone for your comments!

On and JTT,
I totally forgot about that green skinned boy and girl incident. Haven't read about it in years. Maybe I'll cover that in another post.

Anonymous said...

If binary asteroids are structually rubble piles couldn't the earth moon system have created a even void filled rubble pile?

Anonymous said...

One thing people overlook with hollow planet theories is best understood by watching the spin cycle of your washing machine. If planets-- which obviously spin, so we can assume they also spun during their formation-- are accreting mass, they would almost certainly form hollow spheres. Think about it-- you're at the center of the earth; gravity is now pulling you... where? Outwards! That's right, gravity pulls you equally in all directions away from the center because the mass creating that gravity is all around you-- above you, if you prefer. What would hold matter in the center? Nothing! Add to that the centrifugal force generated by spinning, and suddenly the challenge is to account for a solid planet, rather than a hollow one!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the guy about centrifical force pulling outward. I think all the land masses were at one time connected, that is to say, all the continents.
The spinning force has made the size of earth expand outward, stretching the land apart.
Think about this; volcanos keep erupting molten outward, over and over.
The ocean floors are littered with this as well as land masses.

Where does it keep coming from, unless the earth is digesting it somehow, and re-ejecting it from the inside walls. I mean, how could a molten core keep making molten, and not change in size?

I think the walls/crust of earth keep expanding, and some day they will get too thin. Once a piece of the crust flys outward, and the whole planet starts breaking up, the rest of the pieces will go inward toward the spinning force, and wha-lah, you have another black hole!
Great site!

Cheers mates.

Naveed said...

Interesting points. Makes sense in a way. I think the main question stemmed from those is, would the earth actually be hollow with another land on the interior, or is the just the central part of the "core" hollow?

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