Friday, January 2, 2009

I despise Columbus, but did he see a UFO?

I despise the fact that Columbus gets all the fame for discovering North America. The Vikings found it first, but no one gives them any credit. However Columbus did see what was potentially a UFO on his voyage, which makes his voyage somewhat interesting to me.

Around 10pm on October 11th, 1492, Columbus saw a light off in the distance. He summoned someone else to come watch it with him. It was described as “a light glimmering at a great distance.” that would disappear then reappear at random. Columbus took it as a sign that they were near land, which just happened to appear 4 hours later. However, he only found primitive islanders at the time, so I doubt that it was anything from their islands because I don’t believe campfires would be noticeable from that distance.

Whether or not this “glimmering light” was really a UFO though has been extremely debated amongst the UFO community, and it usually isn’t taken as one. After all, it could have potentially been a very bright star that kept slipping just below the horizon, only to reappear during boosts in the speed of Columbus’s ship. However, there is as with all these things, a chance that it was indeed a UFO, which potentially makes one wonder how long aliens, or perhaps Hollow Earth inhabitants, have been flying around in our skies.

If you really wanted to, you could probably twist it around into a Biblical style miracle, with the “glimmering light” being a guiding star from God leading Columbus to the “New World”. Of course seeing as the Vikings made it to North America 500 years with no assistance from God, I doubt that it was so. Of course if it was, it just goes to show that Columbus was a lousy sailor who probably had too much rum…

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