Wednesday, January 7, 2009

U-28 meets SuperCroc?

You know the routine where the lazy fisherman throws a large fire cracker or other explosive in the water causing all the fish within the explosion range to float to the surface? Well apparently it works in the ocean too. As a matter of fact it happened to German U-boat 28 (U-28) during WWI, and boy did something strange come to the surface.

The incident occurred to U-28 just after it had sunk a British steamer. Shortly after the steamer sunk beneath the surface it exploded sending nearby sea life flying into the air, including a large aquatic reptilian like creature. It as described as resembling a 60ft crocodile with 4 webbed feet.

Unfortunately for us, the U-boat's crew was unable to obtain photos of the monster crocodile, but at least they thought well enough to record it in the ship's log. Amazingly, they reported the incident as if it was just an everyday event as opposed to being astonished and raving on and on about. That not only makes the Germans seem good at training their Captains in log taking, but also lends a bit of support to their encounter.

As for the strange crocodile like beast? Well the only thing in the world that even resembles such a creature is the Mosasaurs or Pliosaurs of the Mesozoic era. These large aquatic reptiles closely resembled modern crocodiles, but were not related other the whole reptile bit.

The closest in length to the U-28 creature out of those two groups are the Mosasaurs. The largest of which was Hainosaurus which estimated to be 49ft long. Seeing as paleontology has and ever growing array of creatures being found though, I think it's worth mentioning the largest crocodillian ever found, Sarcosuchus.

Dubbed “SuperCroc” this guy would have been the same length as a bus. Thats means right around 37-40ft long. Seeing as the U-28 beast was described as crocodile like with webbed feet as opposed to flippers, maybe SuperCroc or a relative lives on today, or perhaps the U-28 witnessed the last fragment of a bygone era leave our world.

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