Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Thought on Reptoids

Using my mighty cognitive abilities I was able to deduce something today while watching some random bit of reptoid/dinosauroid (in case you forgot who they are here's a link to a previous post) info on youtube.

One of the many origin ideas toted around about the rumored race of reptilian overlords, is that they evolved from dinosaurs. A theory that was given more credence by the fact that a paleontologist actually thought that perhaps a certain species of dinosaur known as Troodon, would have evolved into a humanoid form if it had survived extinction.

Troodon you see was a member of the Maniraptora clade of dinosaurs, which were birdlike and even possesed feathers. Actually I believe birds are classfied as Maniraptora as well, however that may be wrong since I found that bit on wikipedia.

Anyways as I said, my cognitive powers gave me a bit of insight into the whole reptoid dinosaur origin idea; reptoids did not evolve from dinosaurs. Have you ever heard of a reptoid with feathers? I haven't. I've heard of them having wings, but dragon like ones as opposed to feathery bird like ones. Anyways lack of reptoid feathers means they're probably not dinosaurs.

Doing a Google search for reptoids with feathers I only come up with references to Quetzalcoatl who was some sort of Aztec God (As far as mythical Gods go, Odin is so much better. Sorry...a bit of Scandinavian/Germanic ancestry expressing itself...) serpent thing with feathers that apparently created man.

Now being the kind loving guy that I am, I figure I'll give the Earthly origins of reptoids another possibility. Maybe they are a type of evolved Maniraptora that somewhere along their evolutionary life lost their feathers, like humans got rid of their fur except that which is on our heads. Or perhaps they came from some even more primitive reptilian being from before the dinosaurs. After all many creatures before the dinosaurs were mammal like reptiles who were just as amazing as the dinosaurs and even modern day lifeforms.

Eh...who knows...although here's a video to make you all paranoid of the hidden reptilian presence...


Atrueoriginall said...

If you want to take it a little further back, most all reptilians evolved from the worm. In the case of the lizard, it evolved from the worm to the snake and there is a species of lizard that evolved backwards - back into a snake.

So the question is, in history, who is the snake? aka: serpent, aka: replaced by the dragon - see, we can go full circle in most anyone's literature while simply looking at evolution.

It's funny, but it is only in your blog that I giggle while I read. What you do in here I have done in my head for many, many years. I'm I guess a history and mythology buff who likes to tie this with that and that with this because there is the possibility that this and that are one of the same. That sort of sounds Dr. Seussish a bit but true.

You're really the only one who has ever presented so much of it though. I think this makes you the David Talbott of bloggers. :)

Naveed said...

I'm glad I make you giggle when you read my blog. :) I like to think of my blog being amusing as well as informative.

As for the David Talbott reference, I've got not a clue who he is, but it's awesome being compared me to him anyways.

Atrueoriginall said...

I'm sure you know of him. The name probably just escaped you.

David Talbott

Naveed said...

Yeah the name is familiar, however I never knew to much about him. Although the videos are very interesting and giving me a good idea of who he is, or at least about his ideas. I have to go get one of his books now :D.