Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some thoughts on God and the Annunaki

Recent image captured by NASA
that resembles a giant hand in space.

I've been pondering what I've learned from reading "The 12th Planet", related items from the web, and my general knowledge of Christianity and related religions a lot recently. Mainly on how it all seems to interconnect, almost confusingly, but does.

It would seem to me that somewhere along the line there was a beginning mythology that led to what the Sumerians believed. This later evolved into the various mythologies of the Mid East, only to be reinterpreted into what would become Judaism, by Abraham, who restructured the multiple Gods into the one God and his angels.

The question however remains as to whether the Gods of old were real beings who created us. If the Annunaki, who if according to Zecharia Sitchin's interpretation of Sumerian myth, came from another planet in our solar system is accurate, then things as pertaining to God, are truly odd. Mainly in the fact that we were created as slaves by beings that for the most part are mere mortals like ourselves, just with longer life spans. Secondly in the fact that, from what I've gathered from various things I've read on the web, it would seem that the Annunaki believed in a creator as well, which means there is indeed some sort of God, or at least both the Annunaki and many of us humans believe there to be.

Well before I get anyone lost, what I'm trying to say is that I think the relationships between ancient myth, modern Abrahamic religions, and the concept of Gods and God in general, may be far more complicated then we can imagine. Plus, if you really want to go hardcore into the whole thing, it's my belief that nothing should exist period.

I feel that the mere fact anything, be it the stars, space, Earth, and life in general exists, is definitive proof that there is some sort of creator. Really there should only be a big black void of well...nothing...and it's down right confusing to me to assume that all that we see around us and in the heavens just appeared one day out of nothingness.

As for the creator, I feel he/she/it would had to have come from somewhere as well, but where and how will probably be way beyond our current understanding of time, space, quantum physics, and what have you...simply put, the whole situation is mind boggling.


DiamondsandToads said...

When I saw that picture, I pondered God and other great things as well.
But you say it better!

Naveed said...

Thanks! I'm constantly pondering over this stuff...I just can't help it for some reason.