Monday, July 6, 2009

Belated 4th of July post: Reagan speech 9-21-87

Well two days ago us citizens of the United States of America celebrated the 233rd anniversary of our independence. July 4th is also a day that brings to mind of a movie that shares the US's name for that holiday, one in which aliens invade Earth, but are later beaten on the 4th of July. I of course am talking about Independence Day (aka ID4).

Probably one of the most memorable scenes in that movie is the one where the president of the US, played by Bill Pullman, gives a speech that tries to be on par with the one Roosevelt gave after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. However, since ID4 has to do with aliens, it brings to mind a very different speech given by President Ronald Reagan on September 21, 1987.

If you were unable to watch the embedded video, Reagan basically says that the world almost needs an alien threat from outside of our world to make humanity realize that we need to work together and forget about our differences. The scary things is that he is almost right, but the bigger question is though; would it really unite us?

In all honesty I have to say I don't know. It's hard to tell how humanity would react with all of our differences of opinion and everything. Also I'm sure it would depend on how much of our communications are intact world wide in the event of an alien invasion, as well as how the invasion goes down. After all, an alien menace could very well choose to ally itself with willing nations of their choosing, potentially turning humanity against one another.

Perhaps another question raised by all this is whether or not Reagan knew of such a threat. Many people claim that the presidents or at least some of them have been privy to secret UFO/Alien knowledge. Some even think that President Eisenhower met with aliens in 1954. Of course the other possibility is that a couple of UFO sightings of Reagan's turned him into a bit of a UFO romantic, dreaming of some form of alien contact whether peaceful or violent.

Perhaps we'll never fully know, but either way, to all my US readers out there, I hope you all had fun this past 4th of July, and for all you others, I hope you had a bit of enjoyment from reading this post.


Raptor Lewis said...

I sure did!! What about you?

Naveed said...

Burned my finger a bit with a lighter, but overall it was good.