Thursday, September 17, 2009

Multiple eyewitness UFO sighting in Portland, OR

I had an interesting conversation at work today with one of the vendors (and regular reader of the Realm) I see weekly about a UFO he witnessed on what he thinks was Monday (9-14-09) night in southeast Portland, Oregon.

He says around 9 PM that night he and multiple other eyewitnesses saw three (maybe more, didn't quite get all the details perfect since I was working) orange orbs heading west in the sky. One the orbs apparently turned white and zipped back towards the east, and then two helicopters (military?) appeared that seemed to be chasing after the two that were headed west.

After or during the helicopters someone directed his attention back to the east where the other orb that had turned white had gone. There he saw what he described as three white lights that looked as if they were a constellation, but they were moving slowly. Then the suddenly the lights zipped off at high speed in multiple directions if I remember what he told me correctly.

When the sighting was over he checked with a radio station to see if anyone had called in about it, but no one had. The next day he said he heard on the radio a report about weather balloons (we've all heard that excuse before) being over the city the night before, which totally does not fit with what he said he and others witnessed that night.

Now since I got home today I've been searching for (on MUFON, local news, etc...) UFO events in Oregon and Washington to see if I can find any other reports of these same incident or further sightings of these craft in and around the estimated date. From my knowledge, there are multiple eyewitnesses and it happened in Portland which is the most populated city in Oregon. If anyone who reads this has further information on this incident or similar ones on or around Monday (9-14-09) in Oregon or Washington, please leave a comment or e-mail me at I would to get more information on this incident.

Finally, before I go I do want to say I've known the person who told me about this for a year or more now and know that he would be pulling my leg. Also I will post details on my search results either tonight or tomorrow and perhaps be able to find more information this sighting.

One last thing, here is a similar incident reported to MUFON from Portland: Solid white light followed by jet that occurred on the 15th.

Perhaps it is the same incident, just with one person having a date mixup? Or perhaps they came back that next evening?

Quick update 9-17-09 8:33pm: There seems to be a lot of UFO activity in both Oregon and Washington seeming to start in July. I'm going to get a list of sightings by date going and see what I can come up with.


Autumnforest said...

That was a great idea to post this. I love the excuses, (I can hear it now) "We always have helicopter escorts for weather balloons, sir." Hope someone clears it up. Was that in the Lake Oswego area? That region is definitely freaky! I love it--it's one of the most strange feeling places I've ever been.

Naveed said...

It was in Southeast Portland and while I don't know to much about that area, I do know from my searching today, similar objects have been seen a lot the last couple weeks. Also there have been some triangle sightings. I'll post more on this tomorrow I think. :D

Anonymous said...

I live in the SE area and on 9/15/09 around 9:30pm I heard a couple of jets scrambling...I didn't go out side to look though.

On 9/17/09 I heard another jet fly low and I ran outside. In the western sky, I saw four large red lights coming my direction. The object I thought was a jet, flew over my head and I saw underneath this object 7 to 9 red lights that made a triangular pattern. It was no jet but very weird....

Anonymous said...

I was on my lunch break in Hillsboro today. I was at the 24 Hour Fitness Gym on Cornell and noticed a formation of what I thought was birds initially. As I looked up closer to the sky, the formation was black moon shapes. I thought these were stealth fighter jets....but there was no noise or anything. A helicopter was flying low right afterwards. Has anybody heard anything about this? I have asked others if they saw anything unusual in the sky and they have not. I am so confused. There were a ton of these black objects, maybe 10 or 15 and flying so quickly throughout the sky. It's a very clear day out too.

Anonymous said...

Last night, while we were at Club 9 downtown, the whole patio saw a triangular UFO pass from west to east over South Ptown (halfway between OHSU and Pioneer square), then turn south over the I5/405 interchange. It was maybe 50' above the downtown buildings. It was about 50' in diameter and was moving rather quickly, much faster than a helicopter would. The triangle had round corners and the three lights underneath were grayish in color. When it turned south, it banked at a 40 degree angle. There was a slight anomoly with the air - it seemed to shimmer as though there was intense heat, a shimmer that one would see coming off of a road during the summer sun, but it was slight. The ship was extremely clear to see.