Monday, October 12, 2009

Triangular UFO seen in Portland

Well the first reported Oregon UFO sighting of October has been posted over at MUFON . Again this one reportedly contained multiple eyewitnesses (hopefully more come forward) and was of an apparent triangular object. Full account of sighting can be read here: Triangle UFO, three gray lights underneath moving west to east


Autumnforest said...

Exciting stuff. Keep following these things. It'd be interesting to see if there are patterns to where and what is seen to see if they are repeat at regular intervals or places. Looking for patterns. Sounds like the triangle one has been seen all over the country at one time or another. I find that really interesting because I usually attribute these things to Area 51 testing in the west.

Interstellar Housewife said...

There have been quite a few triangles reported in Oregon in the last few years, especially, in recent months.

About a week ago while searching for Oregon related activity, I found a site that had a list of reported local sightings. The last 5 or so posts were all between August and late September of this year. The posts before 2009?

1999 (or some crazy amount of years in between).

Granted, these sightings were probably site specific and not pulled from pages like Oregon's MUFON, and it's really not a reliable estimate of *anything*, but there has been a recent flux of reports here, and I found it sort of peculiar.

Interstellar Housewife said...

I just read the full report. That's crazy! Assuming it *really was* witnessed by that many people and that it *really was* like 75 feet above the buildings.

Where is this crap when I'm out looking at the sky? *sigh* On Friday, the 9th, we drove out East on 84 towards Hood River to get far enough away form the city to see the galactic center, and God willing, something else, but no such luck on the latter.

Maybe we're being groomed for a new 'Phoenix Lights' type event where the Mayor can all make fun of us at press conference afterwards. Ha!

Naveed said...

The annoying thing about it all is that if a lot of people did witness it, someone most likely got video or a picture with a cell phone. Unfortunately no one aside from their friends or relatives will probably see it.

Interstellar Housewife said...

Yeah - the amount of sightings not reported due to fear, embarrassment or doubt is undoubtedly large.